2017Nov | Mount Agung Alert Level Downgraded


2017Nov | Mount Agung Alert Level Downgraded

The alert level of Bali highest volcano Mount Agung has been downgraded by the authorities after more than one month of intense seismic activity. Stated by the spokesman of Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation, the seismic activity has been steadily decreasing and the alert status has been downgraded from level 4 “danger” to level 3 “alert” on October 29 2017 at 16:00 local time.

Nestled 75 km toward the northeast from the Bali airport and the tourist hub of Kuta, Mount Agung has been rumbling since August for the first time since the last eruption on 1963. Intense seismic activity triggered the highest alert level in September caused more than 133,000 people living within 12 km from the danger zone evacuated to the shelters.

With the latest alert level, the danger zone has been reduced to a 6 to 7.5 km radius and those living further than 6 km from the crater to return to their villages. This condition will continue to be evaluated.



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