Say YES to your Wedding Dress by renting at Watabe Wedding Bali, your one-stop Japan quality wedding service in Bali. We provide an exclusive bridal gowns rental service in Bali to all the engaged couples. We are dedicated in helping every bride & groom to find their dream wedding costume. We source our beautiful bridal costumes from Watabe Wedding collections to provide our wedding customer both in modern and classic way.

Wedding Dress

Watabe Wedding is Japan’s leading one-stop wedding service company in Japan and has been expanded the business worldwide since 1973. Meanwhile, since 1993 Watabe Wedding started to produce and launch our own wedding costume line and has also become a leading bridal boutique in Japan with purchase and rent option. The gowns are beautifully designed and very resort wedding friendly.

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Groom should consr fashionable costume matching with your wedding venue and Br’s wedding dress. We have a variety of Design, Style, Color and Size.

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Color Dress

White will forever be classic and beautiful, but there's something undeniable about the appeal of an unexpected hue in a sea of ivory. Colored dress coloring bride’s elegance and making an extraordinary impression. Let’s find the right colored dress for your lifetime memory.

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Kimono Dress

What makes this line of dresses so unique? The dresses are all made from our authentic antique kimono collections. Traditional Japanese clothing makes you stand out. Kimono into avant-garde gowns that combine a traditional aesthetic with a contemporary silhouette.

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Traditional Attire

You may have another dream to try on “Indonesian Traditional Costume” for wedding event. It suits your guest who attends your wedding event because everyone thinks a lot “What should I wear for wedding event?”

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